All friends who joined us

Julien Renaux

Software Engineer at Toptal, Toulouse, France

Julien is a front-end Mobile Engineer with experience working for startups and multinationals across the world. As a certified Scrum Master, Julien has worked with a team of 10 engineers located in three different countries for eBay. He spends most of his free time writing on his blog, developing his own open source projects, organizing AngularJS Toulouse meetups, or contributing to open source projects.

Johannes Weber

Munich, Vienna, Waldviertel

Johannes is a passionated developer and adviser in the field of web technologies spotlighted on enterprise JS apps. He has spent more than 12 years in front- and backend development and works for Mayflower GmbH (Munich, Germany) where he focuses on the migration of SPA and MPA. In his free time he organizes the AngularJS Munich and ReactJS Munich meetups.

Kamil Kisiela

Kamil is a front-end engineer from Warszawa and a member of the angular-meteor team. He helped build Angular 2 integration for ApolloStack. He is passionate about learning new stuff and developing new things. He loves a journey called Life. Based in Warsaw, Poland.

Alex Muramoto

Ionic Framework

Alex Muramoto is a Developer Advocate for Ionic, which means he whiles away the hours figuring out how to show other developers all the ways the Ionic Framework is awesome. His previously lives have left behind a trail strewn with work in APIs, Angular, Node, and more documentation than he feels comfortable admitting. He’s also a committer on the Apache Usergrid project.

Ben Sperry

Ionic Framework

Product designer. Pixel junkie. Lover of the web. Explorer of forests. Building @ionicframework.

Misko Hevery


Arie Lerner

Ari Lerner is the co-author of ng-book and ng-book2 and 'Learn react the good way'. We are organising an exceptional event as Ari is around Europe and we are thrilled to have him in our community!

Alex Castillo


Alex Castillo is a Software Engineer at Netflix and specializes in enterprise single-page apps. He is very passionate about the modern web. Alex has contributed to the open source community and focuses on Angular and NeuroTech. On his spare time, he likes experimenting with guitars and IoT.

Pascal Precht

Pascal is a front-end engineer and a Angular Developer Expert nominated by Google. He created the angular-translate module, is an Angular 2 contributor and also part of the Angular 2 Docs Authoring team. He is also co-founder of @thoughtram : a High-quality AngularJS and Git trainings and also creator of @5thingsAngular providing a weekly updates on five Angular 2 things.

Jad Joubran

International conference speaker and Open Source enthusiast. FullStack teacher in Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon & London

James Henry


Member of the ESLint Team. TypeScript evangelist. Collaborator on @UltimateAngular.

Martin Hochel

EmbedIT, Prague, Czech Republic

jedi knight, @ngPartyCz meetup founder ,speaker, snow, skate, wake, surf addict. writting #react, #preact, #webcomponents, #angular, #js, #typescript

Cagatay Civici

PrimeTek, Turkey

Founder of PrimeFaces, PrimeNG, PrimeReact and PrimeUI

Vincent Ogloblinsky

Groupe SII, Rennes, France

Software architect in a French IT services company, i like webtechnologies & all APIs availables in the browser, and most of the times i use them in (Type||Java)script. Sharing knowledge with others is also a goal for me : inside my company with animation of lighting talks or mobprogramming sessions, during training sessions on Angular 1 & 2, speaking during french conferences; or contributing and maintaining open-source projects like 'Compodoc'.

John Papa


John Papa is passionate about enjoying Disney with his family and helping technologists learn successful patterns to use the modern web.

Igor Minar


Software engineer who enjoys the profession as a healthy mix of science and art.

Stephen Fluin


Stephen is an enthusiastic Minnesota-based Executive Technologist, Entrepreneur, and Mobile Expert.

Houssein Djirdeh

Houssein does JavaScript at focusing on both web and mobile development. In his spare time, he enjoys contributing talks and technical writing to the development community. On the rare occasions when Houssein is not working on a blog post or his next side project, he enjoys weightlifting and watching far too much YouTube.

Alex Lakatos


Alex Lakatos is a JavaScript Developer Advocate for Nexmo. In his spare time he is a Mozilla Tech Speaker and has been a contributor to the Mozilla project for the past six years, based in London. JavaScript developer building on the open web, he has been pushing its boundaries every day. A Trainer based in London he's been doing public and private Angular classes, runs a Meetup group, and just